Hangers, Fasteners and Connectors

To build in today’s cost competitive economy, it is impossible to turn a profit in construction without using the value-added products and services of companies like Locke Truss. In turn, Locke Truss cannot produce cost effective, engineered “snap-in” systems, nor can those systems be quickly and easily installed without the use of hangers, fasteners, and connectors for those structural components. These hangers, fasteners, and connectors are critical and indispensable for any project.

Locke Truss, being a full-service, end-to-end construction supplier, maintains a 100+ SKU inventory of hangers, fasteners and connectors in-house. If you need a hanger or fastener that we don’t normally carry, we’ll have it for you often overnight delivery. If the hanger or fastener needed is custom, that’s not a problem either. Locke Truss has developed a process for design and delivery of custom fasteners at a fraction of the typical engineering/manufacturing price within 2-weeks of inception.

Locke Truss is a leading construction supplier in Eastern Ontario. This is, in part, due to the long standing supply chain relationships it has developed with industry leaders in the manufacturing of hangers, fasteners and connectors. Here are a few notable partners.

Simpson Strong-Tie®

For more than 50 years, Simpson Strong-Tie® has focused on creating structural products that help people build safer and stronger homes and buildings. Simpson Strong-Tie® is now one of the largest suppliers of structural building products in the world and is considered a leader in structural systems research, testing and innovation. To achieve this global leadership role in the industry, Simpson Strong-Tie® works closely with industry professionals to provide code-listed, field-tested products, and value-engineered solutions.

Locke Truss stocks one of the largest and widest inventory of Simpson Strong-Tie® hangers, fasteners, and connectors for structural component systems in Eastern Ontario. Contact us now, to quote you on what you need.


The Red Jack Post by USP Structural Connectors

red jack logoThe latest and greatest in support posts is the Red Jack Type 2 support post by USP. This support post is second to none for most construction projects. With its superior and advanced design, it is the logical choice when considering jack posts on a project. It has a:

  • modular design for greatest job site flexibility and handling
  • heavy duty adjustment assembly
  • convenient 9/16″ hole for simple height adjustment using rebar or rod
  • square post for easy and accurate cut down
  • superior strength requiring fewer posts on the project
  • variety of sizes to meet a range of load applications

Locke Truss, together with it’s supply partners, is always ready and able to deliver structural engineered systems and installation components for any job.