Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Locke Truss is committed to designing and supplying materials for projects that use leading edge technology. It therefore follows that we often recommend and use engineered wood products, or EWP. Stronger and more durable than wood, yet lighter and thinner, engineered wood products make for easier installation and reduce cost. The best example of this is laminated veneer lumber, used in high-strength structural beams.

Here are some of the products and manufacturers that we work with.

Weyerhauser Microllam® LVL

Microllam® Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) has become the industry standard for advanced building materials. The advanced manufacturing process used in making Microllam® minimizes many of the natural inconsistencies found in wood such as knots, splits and wane. This makes Microllam® very stable and resistant to warping, splitting and shrinking.

With a high strength to weight ratio, stability and durability, Microllam® LVL is a superior alternative to traditional materials for headers and beams. Furthermore, Microllam® LVL can be built-up on site reducing lifting and improving ease of installation.

Microllam® LVL is best suited for applications including window openings to garage door headers to load bearing beams.


West Fraser LVL

West Fraser LVL is manufactured from northern lodgepole pine. This species of pine is noted for its high density, tight growth rings, small knots and minimal shrinking and swelling. These characteristics make it an ideal wood fibre source in the manufacture of LVL, resulting in a very high strength product line.

West Fraser LVL products come in virtually all sizes and spans to fit virtually any project. They can be combined to build-up beams for heavier loads.

West Fraser LVL products have a higher strength to stiffness ratio than most other products on the market. This leads to savings resulting in higher profitability when used properly in designs. Less material also eases transport and installation, helping your building process as well.

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