Prefab Garage Kits Made to Order

Prefab garage kits are an excellent example of Locke Truss’ capability. Made to order, you simply cannot find a better product delivered and assembled at your site for a lower cost that our kits. We supply the skeleton, and you do the rest! All you have to add is the coverings (finishes), doors and windows. With a pre-existing foundation and a good project plan, your pre-fabricated garage can be built and completed in a day from scratch at a fraction of a builder’s price!

Here are some features of our complete garage packages:

  • Completely custom built
  • 2x6 or 2x4 construction
  • Built in easy to handle sections
  • Complete with pressure treated bottom plates and double top plates
  • Conforms to all current building codes
  • All engineered Lintels
  • Panels come complete sheathed ready for installation

Contact us or call us today at (613) 342-2388. Let us show you how cost effective, quick and easy your new garage can be built.

Here is some helpful information you should have ready before you call, that will help us serve you better and faster!

  • What is your building footprint? (e.g. 22′ x 32′)
  • Wall height? (8′, 9′, or 10′ height)
  • 2x6 or 2x4 construction?
  • Locations and height of openings?
  • Rough Size Opening (RSO) of all doors and windows?

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

Locke Truss Prefab Garage Kit